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iPage Review – iPage is perfect for E-Commerce 0

Before you read any iPage review blog, you should always think about what you really want your website for. iPage only has one plan and it will not be suitable for everybody. You also need to remember that this is shared hosting so you will be placed on a server with others and you will only be able to use up to 25 percent of the server’s CPU.

iPage is actually suitable for most sites, even those that are looking at e-commerce. However, it is important to note that excess traffic will cause you to overload many shared servers and you may need to consider other options. Also, if you want a lot of server-side programming, you will need to think of looking at dedicated servers.

iPage is not suitable for all large businesses due to the limit of traffic but it is perfect for small business e-commerce and can offer something for anything that you will need. There are even a number of shopping carts that you can choose from.